Andrew’s Story

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Andrew’s Story

“I’m relieved that I can look to the future.”

Andrew was working as a labourer by the side of a road when he was run over by a lorry. We helped him to claim over £218,000 in compensation following his serious injuries. Read about Andrew’s experience with Oliver & Co below.

The accident:

Whilst working, Andrew took a toilet break and, unaware that there were any portaloos nearby, urinated between the wheels of a lorry.

Unfortunately, the lorry driver failed to check that it was safe to drive away and ran him over. As the lorry pulled forward, Andrew’s right leg was dragged under the wheel. He suffered serious injuries to his foot, hip and leg, and required surgery.

Andrew’s experience:

We interviewed Andrew, and asked him about his accident and experience claiming compensation with Oliver & Co. Read the interview below.

  • What was your biggest worry following the accident?

When I was run over, I knew instantly I had suffered a serious injury. My first thought was that I wasn’t going to be able to walk again. I felt that my life had been turned upside down – how would I survive?

  • Why did you originally contact Oliver & Co Solicitors?

I looked around on the internet to find a lawyer that was right for me. After speaking with Allison, I felt that I had found someone who would fight my corner, was honest, realistic, and that I could speak to and get answers from.

  • What was your motivation for seeking compensation?

I was not able to work and felt that I had been injured through no fault of my own. I felt that I would need compensation to assist me with my future.

  • Did your Solicitor explain things to you, and did this put you at ease?

Yes, she explained everything to me clearly. She explained how the case would be funded and what the risks were in my case.

  • What has your overall experience with Oliver & Co Solicitors been like?

Fantastic – they have exceeded my expectations, kept me informed at all stages, and spoke to me with empathy.

  • Are you happy with the amount of compensation you are going to receive?

Yes – it was more than I expected!

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