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Text Surveys

You will receive a text survey 4 weeks into your case. Here is what to expect:

Why are we sending out text surveys?

Client feedback is important to us as it helps us to improve. We want to be able to respond to your feedback during a case so that we can meet expectations and create better relationships.

How will we gather the feedback?

Four weeks after your case opens, you will receive a text message asking you to rate your experience so far. It takes less than 2 seconds to respond. The text message will come from a randomly generated number, but we will always make it clear that it is from us in the body of the text. Here is an example text:

           Oliver & Co text survey example

This example shows a text that has been sent to an iPhone. If you have an android or other device the text may be displayed slightly differently.

What will happen after you respond?

We hope that you are happy with our service, but if you rate us ‘could do better’ or ‘poor,’ a member of our team will be in touch to discuss and resolve any issues. We will also inform the person responsible for your case, so that they may address this also.

Can you opt out?

If you do not wish to receive a survey text message for any reason please let our First Response Team or your Fee Earner know at the beginning of your case.

Learn more:

If you would like to learn more about our text surveys, or have any questions, please contact a member of our First Response team by calling 01244 312306.

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