Vibration White Finger Case Study – £28,000 in Compensation

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We won £28,000 for a man suffering from Vibration White Finger

Our client came to us after suffering from tingling, numbness, and whitening in his hands for several years. Because of his background as a labourer who used vibrating tools, it was clear that he was suffering from Vibration White Finger. Unfortunately, this meant that he now struggled to pick up small items and had a tendency to drop things. In the winter the symptoms were even worse. He had previously worked for 4 different companies who all required him to use vibrating tools such as disc grinders, air guns, and jackhammers.

At his second job, he was required to use a jackhammer for 6 to 7 hours per day. We took on the case, determined to get compensation for our client. We managed to bring a claim against 3 of our client’s employers, as the time of his first employment pre-dated the date when an employer should have been aware of the dangers of excess vibration. We were very pleased to recover the sum of £28,000 for our client from the latter three employers.

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