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Rise in Complaints Against Doctors – Scaphoid Fracture

Posted on August 21st 2014

A recent report by the BBC commented upon the rise in complaints against Doctors according to a report commissioned by the General Medical Council. Complaints against doctors doubled between 2007 and 2012.

An investigation into the cause of the rise in complaints was launched and the outcome seemed to suggest that social media had a role to play in the rise in complaints because it has encouraged people to discuss their experiences of the medical profession in public forums and allowed information to be more easily accessed and shared.

Social media has arguably changed society by providing coverage of high-profile medical cases to the world as well as help publicise injuries sustained by high profile public figures, such as sportsmen. Sports like football and rugby are given worldwide coverage by the media and injuries, such as scaphoid fractures, are more commonly recognised.

What is a Scaphoid fracture?

The scaphoid bone is a small but vital bone in the wrist, crucial for wrist function and movement. If injured, it can lead to significant and permanent damage, especially if the fracture is not diagnosed or treated in a timely manner.

An x-ray and thorough clinical examination of the wrist are essential in diagnosing a scaphoid fracture. Typical initial treatment involves putting the wrist in plaster to for several weeks.

Scaphoid fractures can be difficult to diagnose initially after injury, even with an x-ray. If such a fracture is suspected then a follow up appointment should be carried out in the next 2-3 weeks and the wrist should be put in plaster or a splint in the interim. The longer a scaphoid fracture is left without appropriate treatment the more likely the damage will be permanent and recovery will be prolonged, meaning that patients are suffering more pain that necessary. Should the scaphoid bone not heal, then surgical treatment may be necessary.

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