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Remember a Charity in your Will week:

Posted on September 10th 2018

This week is ‘Remember a Charity in your Will week’ – here’s how you can get involved.

Between the 10th and 16th September every year, charities come together to encourage people to remember a charity in their Will. This year, to promote the week, 200 charities are coming together to launch ‘Human,’ the world’s first charity-powered search engine.

According to charities have selected the big questions that are most important to their supporters and beneficiaries. They have then recorded responses to these questions as short videos. They state:

Human demonstrates charities’ pivotal role in helping to solve some of the biggest challenges facing humanity, and how the public can help, by leaving a gift in their Will.”

Learn more about Human by clicking here.

Why should you leave a gift?

Sadly, many people believe that only the rich and famous leave money to charities in their Will. It’s true that celebrities often make charitable donations. For example, Bill Gates has chosen to leave most of his $79.9 billion fortune to charity rather than to his children.

However, without gifts left in Wills by everyday people, many charities would not exist.

Leaving a gift in your Will:

We work with charities throughout the UK to encourage people to leave gifts in their Will. Primarily, we offer Cancer Research UK’s Free Will Service. However, we also offer a similar service from the Stroke Association UK, and support people to make Wills through the Hospice of the Good Shepherd.

Cancer Research UK’s Free Will Scheme:

If you are over 55 we will write your Will for free using this scheme. There is also absolutely no obligation to leave a gift to Cancer Research UK if you use this scheme.

Cancer Research UK pay for the writing of a standard Will on your behalf, and make it as easy as possible for you to look after your friends, family, and any charities you support.

Statistically, one in two people will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. Whilst survival rates for cancer have doubled in the last forty years (two in four people now survive a cancer diagnosis), there’s still more work to be done. Cancer Research UK is determined to see three in four people survive cancer by 2034.

If you choose to leave a legacy gift to Cancer Research UK, you will be supporting research into:

  • preventative measures;
  • earlier diagnosis;
  • better treatment.

Gifts in Wills fund over a third of Cancer Research UK’s pioneering research.

What could leaving a gift in your Will do?

If you leave a gift in your Will, you can choose how and where it is spent. For example, you may want it to be spent on:

  • Researching a specific type of cancer
  • Research in your local area.

Importantly, you can leave as much or little as you would like. Any donation helps. Here are some examples of what different amounts could fund:

£440 makes cancer cells easier for scientists to find – This money funds two sets of glowing particles, which illuminate cells like fluorescent beacons. This makes it easier for scientists to study cancer at a miniscule level in their labs.

£1000 accelerates breakthroughs in the lab by providing a set of high-tech pipettes.

£11,000 can test the quality of DNA, saving both time and money when it comes to research.

How can we help?

If you’re interested in writing a Will please contact us today on 01244 312306 or fill in our contact form and a Solicitor will be in touch.

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