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Patient safety will be at risk, warns the Society of Clinical Injury Lawyers.

Posted on September 12th 2017

On Tuesday 12th September SCIL will lead a lobby of parliament, fighting against the government’s proposed fixed recoverable costs for clinical injury lawyers.  Specialists, including the independent patient safety charity, Action against Medical Accidents (AvMA) say that these proposals seriously risk restricting access to justice...

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How can prescribing errors be reduced? The RCP releases a guide:

Posted on September 7th 2017

The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) states that an estimated 7% of all hospital prescriptions contain errors. Whilst this seems like a small percentage, these errors can sometimes seriously injure or kill patients. As junior doctors are responsible for two thirds of all hospital prescriptions,...

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We are trialing text surveys!

Posted on September 1st 2017

We receive five star reviews on Trustpilot, Facebook, Google and Yell monthly – but we believe that customer service can always be improved. That is why we will now be sending some of our conveyancing clients a text survey twenty-one days into their case. We...

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New divorce forms to encourage conflict through ‘name and shame’ of adulterers

Posted on August 17th 2017

This could lead to increased conflict in divorce cases as more people may be accused of adultery. Subsequently, third parties may also become involved in cases. The changes come as part of a new online form intended to make filing divorce proceedings more user-friendly. Only...

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Government ‘fixed fee’ plans to stop bereaved families achieving justice

Posted on August 1st 2017

The government intends to impose a new fixed cap on the amount of legal fees that Medical Negligence Solicitors can charge on cases worth up to £25,000. Unfortunately, the new fees are unlikely to cover the amount it costs Solicitors to investigate the negligence. Essentially,...

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De-linking Divorce From “Money” to be Rolled Out Nationally- What Does This Mean For Me?

Posted on July 17th 2017

The pilot study originally took place in 2015, across 11 specialist divorce centres. The aim of the study was to streamline the process of divorce and finances. It was hoped that this would reduce the delays experienced by court users. Previously, files would take two weeks...

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Newly Published Taylor Review Scrutinises Working Practices in the Modern Economy

Posted on July 13th 2017

Published on the 11th July 2017, the review demands clearer legislation on employment status. The report heavily focuses upon companies like Uber and Deliveroo. Uber’s ‘gig economy’ employment practices previously came under scrutiny last year, when a tribunal ruled that Uber drivers are ‘workers’ entitled to...

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Upton’s Orchard Care Home Faces Criticism over Unfair Dismissal & Poor Standards of Care

Posted on July 4th 2017

After becoming worried about low staffing levels during night shifts, Kaley Sweetman raised concerns to her bosses and subsequently the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The CQC is an organisation which monitors, inspects and regulates services, such as nursing care homes and hospitals, to make sure...

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Can I Take My Child Abroad On Holiday Without the Father’s Consent?

Posted on June 28th 2017

Unfortunately, many parents are unaware that, generally, it is a criminal offence to take their child out of England and Wales without the permission of every person who has parental responsibility for the child. However, there is an exception to this: You do not have...

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New Green Policies to Restrict Landlords’ Ability to Rent

Posted on June 27th 2017

What are energy performance certificates? Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) were introduced in England and Wales in August 2007. Subject to certain exceptions, all homes that are made available for sale or rent within the UK must have one. The concept is quite straight forward. An...

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