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Asbestos Disease Compensation: Everything you need to know

Posted on April 18th 2018

In March, James Cameron, a Solicitor and Associate Director within our Industrial Disease department, spoke at length about asbestos compensation claims in a radio interview. The interview provided a good introduction to asbestos compensation claims and answered many of the questions people often have relating...

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Good news – the inheritance tax allowance has increased to £900,000!

Posted on April 11th 2018

As of 6th April, married couples and civil partners will be able to pass on up to £900,000 completely free of inheritance tax. What do the changes mean? Before the changes, a single person could pass up to £325,000 to their heirs without paying inheritance...

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Landmark compensation claim for musician with hearing loss

Posted on April 4th 2018

The case is ground-breaking, as it is the first time a judge has analysed the music industry’s legal obligations to protect their musicians’ hearing. Continue reading to learn more about Mr Goldscheider’s hearing loss, the resulting hearing loss claim, and the impact on the industry....

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The fox in the hen house: could your staff cause a data protection breach?

Posted on February 27th 2018

A few high-profile cases, highlighted in the news recently, demonstrate the importance of robust data security for all businesses. The council worker who snapchatted personal data: This week, Samira Bouzkraoui, a former apprentice at Southwark Council, was prosecuted after she illegally shared personal information about...

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Empowering Patients: Volume 2

Posted on February 7th 2018

Our guide to empowering patients describes how you can help your doctor to help you, by keeping accurate records. We stress that patients, generally, are at a disadvantage in proving what happened when things go wrong. This is because patients cannot control what medical staff write about...

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Could you claim a power of attorney refund?

Posted on February 5th 2018

If you made a power of attorney between the above dates you may have been charged more than necessary by the government. Since this period, the Office of the Public Guardian’s (OPG) operating costs have come down. This is because more people applied to register...

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Ant & Lisa: What is their financial position following divorce?

Posted on January 24th 2018

They have been married for 11 years. Lisa is well-known for her work on TV programmes such as Strictly Come Dancing and Britain’s Got Talent. Reports suggest that Ant wants to split the couple’s finances equally. Both Ant and Lisa are reportedly keen to avoid a...

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Fighting For More Compensation

Posted on January 22nd 2018

Almost three years ago, we received instructions that our client had been badly assaulted in 2013 and had received multiple injuries. His nose had been broken and he had tendon damage to his wrist. He also suffered from head, neck, and back injuries along with...

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‘Divorce day:’ advice for those considering divorce

Posted on January 8th 2018

The Christmas period can be one of the happiest or hardest times of the year. For couples struggling with difficulties in their relationship, trying to keep it together over Christmas can bring issues to a head. This is one of the reasons why there is...

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The Redknapps did not divorce in seconds: Divorce misconceptions

Posted on January 5th 2018

Sensationalist headlines like this are not unusual, but are far from accurate and paint an incorrect picture of divorce. Below we discuss why the Redknapp headlines are untrue, and challenge other common divorce misconceptions. The Redknapps are actually still married: On December 29th, Louise Redknapp...

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