‘WILL’ I use a Solicitor?

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‘WILL’ I use a Solicitor?

A will is probably one of the most important documents you will ever sign. By making a will you choose not only to control how your estate is distributed but also help make things easier for those who are left behind.

It is therefore, surprising that, most adults still do not have a will or have chosen to use either a DIY will writing kit or unregulated will writers rather than using a solicitor who specialises in drafting wills…

Cheap is not always cheerful….

“Draft your own will for only £9.95”; “Will writing service for as little as £30” – sounds like a bargain, but is it?

Your will covers everything that you own; deals with the appointment of guardians for your minor children and addresses the legal standing of partners, particularly unmarried couples, when it comes to your assets. Why would you, therefore, place the responsibility of drafting such an important document with someone who is unregulated?

All too often problems concerning the validity of a person’s will only come to light after they have died.

“Solicitors know so many cases of people who have turned to them for help after being left with what can only be described as nightmare wills by will writers misleading too many people as to their supposed but absent expertise”

Former Law Society President, Robert Heslett

Unregulated Will writing, probate and claims handling are a risk to the public. Simple mistakes can lead to unjust outcomes and those outcomes will often occur a long time after the Will has been written.”

Lord Hunt, the Conservative peer and former MP

Consequences of an invalid will or having no will at all

The consequences are pretty much the same. You are regarded as having died intestate which means the law dictates how your estate is distributed rather than you. For those of you who are co-habiting, your partner will have no rights to your estate and even a spouse or civil partner may also find that they are not legally entitled to all of your estate.

The result is a potential conflict between family members; individuals being disinherited; soaring legal costs in trying to resolve potential disputes but more importantly further heartache for your loved ones.

Does it look like a bargain now?

So ‘will’ I use a solicitor to draft my will?

The answer should always be YES.

How can we help?

We can help you draft a will. For more information or further advice on making a will please give us a call on 01244 312306.