What special damages / out of pocket expenses am I entitled to?

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You may hear solicitors refer to out of pocket expenses as “special damages.” This means that you can claim for any financial losses that are reasonably foreseeable as a result of an accident.

What could I claim as ‘special damages’ ?

Here are some of the common expenses claimed as special damages. You may wish to speak to a solicitor to determine any other expenses which could be claimed.

  1. Lost earnings.

    If you’ve had to take time off work as a result of an accident, you may have lost some of your income. Fortunately, you can recover this money. This can even include loss of overtime or loss of profit if you are self-employed.

  2. Care and assistance.

    You may need the help of friends, family, or professional organisations as a result of your injuries. You can claim for the hours that you have received help, even if you have not paid your family and friends for this help.

  3. Living expenses and adjustments.

    If your living expenses have increased or you have had to make adjustments to your home as a result of the accident, then you can claim for the additional costs. You can also claim for any adjustments and their upkeep if necessary.

  4. Damaged items.

    If any of your clothes or possessions have been damaged as a result of the accident, then you can claim back the cost of these. However, there will be a small reduction to the money you receive in order to cover the value lost through wear and tear.

  5. Rehabilitation.

    If you need physiotherapy or counseling as a result of the accident, your are entitled to recover the cost of this on a private basis if it is reasonable to do so.

  6. Medication Costs.

    If you have had to pay for medication as a result of an accident you are entitled to reclaim the cost of this.

  7. Travelling expenses.

    A man who may receive special damages for his travel expensesIf you have had to pay travel expenses when attending medical appointments then you can claim the cost of this travel. It is of course always a good idea to retain the receipts, as insurers tend not to pay for travel when these cannot be provided. If you have to take a taxi always ask the driver to provide you with a handwritten receipt on the back of their card. You should also keep hold of any train or bus tickets.

  8. Vehicular related losses.

    If your vehicle has been damaged as a result of the accident you can claim for the cost of repair or replacement, or any insurance excess you have had to pay.

  9. Loss of use of your motor vehicle.

    If you have been without the use of a motor vehicle as a result of the accident then you would be entitled to claim loss of use, usually on a daily basis.

  10. Hire car.

    If you have had to hire a vehicle as a result of your accident then you can reclaim the cost of these hire charges.

  11. Loss of pension rights if you are unable to work and accumulate a pension

We have experts that can prepare detailed reports dealing with loss of pension rights.

How much could my claim be worth?

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