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Medical Negligence – Frequently Asked Questions

Medical treatment problems can be life-altering to a patient and their family. Patients put their trust in medical professionals, but when things go wrong, the Oliver & Co Solicitors Medical Negligence team can provide sensitive, practical and expert advice.

People generally have three years from the date of the negligent treatment to start Court proceedings in a claim, or 3 years from the date they became aware that negligent treatment may have caused an injury. There are different rules for children under 18 and for those  people who do not have capacity.
Claims for negligent treatment of any kind can be made against dentists, opticians, physiotherapists, cosmetic surgeons, pharmacists and nursing homes.
If you are unhappy with any kind of treatment you have received from an NHS hospital or GP, then you are able to make a complaint to them and seek a reply. For more information visit our hospital negligence claims page. If you have any concerns about the treatment you have received please contact our Clinical Negligence team, and discuss how we can help you.
No. The clinical negligence team at Oliver& Co offer funding by way of a ‘no-win, no fee’ agreement, which means you are not asked to make any upfront payment. If the claim is successful you will then get at least 75% of any compensation won, and if the claim is unsuccessful, you don’t pay anything.
Medical Negligence claims, depending on their complexity, usually take between 18-36 months to settle, and longer if the Defendant clinician is denying they provided negligent care or the Court process has to be started. Fortunately, even if we have to start Court proceedings, it is extremely rare that a case goes to trial. Instead the vast majority of our cases settle before trial, meaning our clients do not have to go to Court at all.

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