Medical Negligence – Why Choose Us?

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Medical Negligence – Why Choose Oliver & Co?

We understand that some people are reluctant to bring a legal claim against members of the medical profession and/or the NHS, while others feel that if someone has suffered due to negligent medical treatment, they should be entitled to receive compensation for their losses.

The head of our Clinical Negligence Department, Linda Schermer-Jones has changed careers from working as a doctor to working as a solicitor and is therefore well placed to assist and advise clients with what can be a difficult decision to make.

Free assistance in drafting a Letter of Complaint

Some clients just want to get to the bottom of what happened and make sure no other patient will suffer an injury like them, rather than seek compensation initially. At Oliver & Co Solicitors, we offer assistance with drafting a letter of complaint free of charge and with no strings attached.

Making a Compensation Claim

Needless to say, if a client is seeking compensation for a loss incurred as a result of negligent medical treatment, our expert clinical negligence solicitors have all the experience and knowledge necessary to assist in making such a compensation claim.

No Win, No Fee

A big worry for many clients is whether they will have to pay anything towards legal fees. Our expert medical negligence solicitors offer a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement without any upfront charges.

Duration of the Claim

Another concern for clients is how long their claim will take to come to its conclusion and some ask whether they will have to go to Court or not.

Medical Negligence claims, depending on their complexity, usually take between 18-36 months to settle, and longer if the Defendant clinician is denying they provided negligent care or the Court process has to be started. Fortunately, even if we have to start Court proceedings, it is extremely rare that a case goes to trial. Instead the vast majority of our cases settle before trial, meaning our clients do not have to go to Court at all.

Our Team

The head of our clinical negligence department Linda Schermer-Jones is a qualified doctor as well as a qualified solicitor. Linda practised in medicine for some 10 years before qualifying as a solicitor.

Linda’s experience and knowledge assists us greatly in pursuing claims on behalf of our clients. She is able to get to the issues of a potential claim quickly and we use Linda’s medical and legal knowledge as part of our initial screening process for potential negligence claims. This has even resulted in us taking on and winning claims that have already been turned down by other law firms.

Within our specialist clinical negligence department, we also have a solicitor with specialist knowledge of dental care and dental negligence claims and a solicitor who is very successful in pursuing nursing care claims (for instance resulting in pressure sores). All of our solicitors deal with all aspects of medical negligence claims and we use our knowledge to get great results for our clients.

The Oliver & Co clinical negligence department works as a team, allowing us to pool our legal and medical experience and offer the best service to clients. Whilst claims are dealt with by a named solicitor, other members of the team are able to assist in their absence where necessary.

As we have a specialist and dedicated clinical negligence team, we understand the issues of these complex claims. Whether a claim revolves around a missed fracture or a much more sensitive medical problem, we are able to talk about it without embarrassment and we have been praised regularly by our clients for our professionalism in dealing with their claims.

Liz was representing me from Oliver & co and I couldn’t of been happier with the service I received. She didn’t just care about settling the claim, she actually cared about what I’d been through and made me feel reassured and comfortable the whole way through my claim. She managed the settle my claim successfully and quickly with no stress what so ever.  I live far away from the Oliver & Co office so everything was managed by phone, email and post the whole process was completely painless and I was more than happy with the amount of money I received, If I was ever in the unfortunate position to have to use them again, I would use them in a heartbeat. Thanks again to Liz and the team for all their hard work. We can now use the compensation received to try and get our lives back on track.


We are here to help. If you think you may have a claim, please contact us for free advice on telephone number: 01244 354688