What evidence do I need to gather for my tripping accident claim?

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What evidence do I need to gather for my tripping accident claim?

Once you’ve had a tripping or slipping accident you should gather as much evidence as you possibly can to support your potential case. After you have received the required medical attention you should take the following steps:

  1. Take a good quality color photograph of the defect which caused you to have the accident. Show the measurement of the defect clearly with a ruler or tape measure in the photo.
  2. Take another good quality colour photograph of the defect. However, this time you should stand at a distance to show the defect’s surrounding area.
  3. Keep the details of any witnesses who saw the accident. These details should include a full name, address and contact number.
  4. Check if there was any CCTV in the area. If so, can you obtain a copy of the footage which might show your accident?
  5. AFTER you have taken photographs report the incident to the responsible party. This might be the council. If you report it before you take photographs they may fix the defect and it could be difficult to prove your claim.

How much could my claim be worth?

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