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Posted on January 22nd 2018

Read on to learn how we drastically increased our client’s compensation award.

Almost three years ago, we received instructions that our client had been badly assaulted in 2013 and had received multiple injuries. His nose had been broken and he had tendon damage to his wrist. He also suffered from head, neck, and back injuries along with widespread bruising.

He had submitted an application for Criminal Injury Compensation in January 2014. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme is funded by the government and compensates blameless victims of violent crime in the UK. The Criminal Injury Compensation Association (CICA) stated that the medical evidence confirmed that his nose had been fractured, but unfortunately this was not covered by the scheme. This meant that he would not receive any compensation for this injury. They also said that his GP had noted that he was suffering from ongoing back, neck, and wrist pain, but that he was expected to recover substantially.

For his injuries, they awarded him just £1450.

Of course, he was not happy with this outcome. He complained that the injury to his wrist and nose were ongoing.

We thought that this was totally wrong and that we could do better.

As a result, we took the case on in February 2015. We agreed that if we didn’t beat the £1450 award he had originally received, we would not ask for any payment.

So, did we beat the award?

Firstly, we obtained and considered the medical records and consulted the expertise of our in-house dual-qualified Doctor/Solicitor. We then drafted a comprehensive application on his behalf for a review of the award initially given by the CICA (£1450). We pointed out that, although there was no provision for compensation for a broken nose under the scheme, compensation could be claimed for loss of smell. Our client had lost his sense of smell due to the injury.

The CICA agreed to review the case.

Following the review, our client was awarded £17,100 by the CICA – a massive increase on the original award. Our client was very happy with the new sum and we were pleased to have increased the amount of compensation that he received.

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