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Cyber Essentials Plus: Keeping Our Business Safe & Secure

Posted on October 15th 2018

At Oliver & Co IT systems are at the heart of our business and we know just how important it is to keep our organisation, and our customer’s data, as secure as possible.

As a result, we recently employed Protos Networks to help us complete our Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, which prevents 80% of all known cyber-attacks.

On the 8th June 2018, we passed our original Cyber Essentials Accreditation. This was a, “baseline level of assurance” for the protection of our cyber security. It has increasingly become a requirement for organisations who work with public sector bodies.

Since then we have worked hard to gain our Cyber Essentials Plus Accreditation. This, “provides an enhanced level of assurance” and involved external testing of our cyber security. For example, through simulated hacking and phishing attacks.

Overall, our work towards the accreditation identified areas that we have now improved on, and will help to prevent cyber-attacks in the future.

Cyber Essentials Plus:

The accreditation aims to protect data once it has been stored in our systems, and significantly reduce any cyber vulnerabilities.

It concentrates on 5 key areas, which are:

  1. Boundary Firewalls and Gateways
  2. Secure Configuration
  3. Access Control
  4. Malware Protection
  5. Patch Management

Protos Networks:

We would like to say a big thank you to Protos Networks for their help, and would encourage other businesses interested in cyber security and the Cyber Essentials schemes to contact them.

They are a Cyber Essentials Plus and an IASME Gold-certified company. Learn more by clicking here.

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