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Creating a Better Environment in the Oliver & Co Office:

Posted on December 10th 2018

As part of our corporate social responsibility policy we are committed to improving our office space so that it is both eco-friendly and comfortable for our staff.

To achieve this, we have recently had a brand new climate control system installed to cool and heat our office – just in time for winter!

The new system has been installed by 4 Seasons Air Conditioning, who are professional and highly experienced engineers. They are specialists in designing, installing and maintaining air conditioning in a wide variety of buildings.

Why did we need new air conditioning?

Our old system had been in place for many years and was no longer adequately heating and cooling the office. Computers, lighting and people all contribute to the temperature in a large office. This can make the environment uncomfortable and often unhealthy.

Studies have shown that being too hot or too cold in an office can have a negative impact on productivity and general wellbeing.

Employee satisfaction:

The new climate control system will provide us with better air quality by cooling and filtering air, and reducing the number of bacteria/dust particles, odours and potential allergens. By maintaining a constant and comfortable temperature, we expect to maintain our staff’s productivity levels and ensure that they are happy at work.

Environmentally friendly:

The climate control system that has been installed is from Daikin, a leader in climate control solutions.  They are committed to creating technology which is environmentally friendly. Daikin state, “We are striving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the entire supply chain, develop products and services, and carry out environmental and social contribution to contribute to sustainable growth both for Daikin and the earth.”

They focus on reducing the energy consumed when the climate control system is operating by equipping their products with inverters.

The installation process:

We were impressed with the climate control project from start to finish – 4 Seasons Air Conditioning prepared a detailed proposal for us, which detailed the equipment and where it would be placed. They conducted a comprehensive ‘risk and safety method of work statement’ which detailed the scope and sequence of the work.

Overall, they carried out the installation work across normal working hours, in the evenings and on weekends. However, we never felt that they disrupted our staff and the work was completed efficiently. They also overcame the challenges posed by working in a period building and operating right in the centre of Chester.

4 Seasons Air Conditioning worked with us at all stages of the planning and installation process. They ensured that the job was completed to a high standard. We are pleased that the equipment we received fits with the look and feel of our period building.

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