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Could you be fined for going 1mph over the speed limit?

Posted on August 20th 2018

The national roads policing chief is said to be in favour of scrapping the current ‘buffer zone.’

This is according to the Mail on Sunday. According to the newspaper, motorists could potentially be fined £100 for driving just 1mph over the speed limit.

What is the buffer zone?

The buffer zone protects drivers from being punished and is calculated by increasing the speed limit by 10 per cent and adding 2mph. For example, if you are driving in a 30mph zone you can currently drive at 34mph without being punished. You can drive at up to 78mph on a motorway. Currently, people who go marginally outside of this buffer zone are offered the choice of a training course or a fine and three points.

The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) issued revised speed enforcement policy guidance in 2013 which outlined this buffer zone. 

However, police are concerned that this current guidance makes drivers think that it is ok to speed. Chief Constable Anthony Bangham said, “We need to change our messaging and ensure greater consistency of approach when dealing with those who exceed the speed limit.”

Newspapers have reported that, if the buffer zone is abolished, then drivers could be punished for driving at just 1mph over the speed limit on fast roads.

“Not proportionate”

However, speaking to the Metro, a National Police Chief’s Council spokesman said that this approach would not be “proportionate or achievable.” He continued that, “Current speed enforcement guidelines for police…are being reviewed looking at available evidence,” but that, “there is no proposal for drivers to be prosecuted for driving one mile per hour over the speed limit.”

How many people speed?

The latest Home Office figures show that there were 2.1m speeding offences in England and Wales in 2016 alone. If stricter rules were introduced then more people could be liable to prosecution.

Speeding is dangerous because it puts both drivers and other vulnerable road users at risk. Of course, speeding increases the chance of a road traffic accident because it reduces the driver’s ability to react in a timely manner to the environment around them.

August is National Road Victim Month:

August is National Road Victim Month – a time to remember those killed in a road traffic accident in the UK.

This month our thoughts are with the friends and families of people killed or seriously injured in road traffic accidents. Sadly, too many people are still killed on the roads each year. In the year ending September 2017, there were 1,720 road deaths. Learn more by clicking here.

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