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Could a proposed ‘death by dangerous cycling’ law save lives?

Posted on August 28th 2018

Cyclists who kill pedestrians could face similar charges to dangerous drivers under the proposed new law.

The proposal of a new law comes following the death of Kim Briggs, who was killed in February 2016 when she was hit by a bicycle courier. Charlie Alliston was travelling at 18mph on a bike with no front brakes when he hit and killed the 44-year-old.

He was jailed for 18 months, but had to be found guilty of causing bodily harm by “wanton and furious driving,” because there is currently no legislation for causing death by dangerous cycling.

Kim Briggs’ widow, Matthew Briggs, has been campaigning for a change in the law for almost a year, not wanting anyone else to face what he described as a “legal minefield.” Recalling the immediate aftermath of his wife’s death, he says that a police officer acknowledged that, “there may be an element of wrongdoing… but, that he didn’t know what to charge him (Allison) with.” This led to much uncertainty.

The consultation is open for 12 weeks from August 12th 2018, and will consider whether the new law should be introduced.

Improving the roads for vulnerable users:

Pedestrians and cyclists are considered vulnerable road users because they are much more exposed than other vehicles. As a result, the Department of Transport wants to improve the road for these users.

A consultation into the proposed new law for cyclists has been proposed in conjunction with the improvement of infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians. The Department of Transport is also considering updating parts of the Highway Code to counter the dangerous practice of ‘close passing.’ This follows the launch of a UK-wide initiative earlier this summer, which aims to help police stop dangerous drivers who pass cyclists too closely.

How likely is a collision between a cyclist and pedestrian?

In 2016, three pedestrians were killed and 108 were seriously injured after being involved in collisions with cyclists. Whilst deaths from collisions are clearly rare, a change in the law is needed to discourage dangerous cycling.

August is National Road Victim Month:

August is National Road Victim Month – a time to remember those killed in a road traffic accident in the UK.

This month our thoughts are with the friends and families of people killed or seriously injured in road traffic accidents. Sadly, too many people are still killed on the roads each year. In the year ending September 2017, there were 1,720 road deaths. Learn more by clicking here. 

How can we help?

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