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Client wins £6,900 in compensation after an accident at work

Posted on September 26th 2019

We recently secured a settlement for our client, a 39 year old man after he was injured during an accident at work.

He was working for a steel company when as part of his job, he was picking up a piece of heavy metal casting from a “bin” using his hands. As he did so, other pieces of metal casting fell onto his hand, causing him to suffer a fracture to his right thumb.

The accident was reported and he received treatment at hospital.  He was off work for a few weeks following the accident and suffered loss of earnings.

Following the accident, it should be noted that the workplace introduced a new system of using hooks to remove the castings, and thicker padded gloves to help prevent a future accident or injury.

However despite this, the Defendant denied liability, and we therefore had to issue court proceedings and the case proceeded to a trial at court.

At court, our client came across as an excellent witness, and the Judge found in his favour. Our client was awarded £6900 in compensation.

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