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NHS complaints rise to 480 every day

Posted on September 30th 2014

A recent BBC News report sets out that the number of complaints made regarding NHS care in England has increased to an average of 480 every day, according to official data. The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) figures on written complaints showed an...

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“Doctors could be struck off if they fail to apologise to patients”

Posted on September 18th 2014

A recent report by the Telegraph describes how Doctors could be struck off for failure to “blow the whistle” on a colleague soon enough or for not apologising to patients and their relatives when they make a mistake, under new proposed rules being set up...

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Rise in Complaints Against Doctors – Scaphoid Fracture

Posted on August 21st 2014

A recent report by the BBC commented upon the rise in complaints against Doctors according to a report commissioned by the General Medical Council. Complaints against doctors doubled between 2007 and 2012. An investigation into the cause of the rise in complaints was launched and...

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Wireless monitor ‘relieves pressure’ on nursing staff – Fall in Hospital

Posted on August 8th 2014

A recent report by the BBC describes new monitoring devices that are set to relieve pressure on nursing staff. The monitor will be a wireless device attached through a patch on the patient’s chest and will check patient’s vital observations – including temperature, blood pressure...

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Medical Negligence: Surgeon removed wrong organ

Posted on May 28th 2014

The Guardian has reported on the shocking case of a junior doctor wrongly removing the ovary of a pregnant lady instead of her appendix. A mother of three was 20 weeks pregnant with her fourth child when she presented to Queen’s Hospital, Essex with suspected...

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Poor staffing effects baby mortality rates

Posted on May 27th 2014

The Guardian recently reported that the understaffing of maternity units may be contributing to a number of still births and the high rate of children sustaining brain damage during delivery. Britain has a high stillbirth rate of nearly 4,000 per year, averaging at 10 per...

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Failings at Deeside Hospital

Posted on May 22nd 2014

A recent report by the BBC commented on the standard of care being provided at one of our local hospitals, Deeside Community Hospital in Flintshire. An investigation into complaints received about Deeside Hospital was launched in August last year and resulted in some staff being...

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