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Anti-Bullying Week- The Signs of Workplace Bullying

Posted on November 12th 2019

Monday 11th November- Friday 15th November marks Anti Bullying Week. The theme this year is “Change Starts With Us.”

If you feel as though you are experiencing bullying in the workplace, this can be an extremely devastating and distressing issue.

You may be feeling low and anxious at the thought of going to work and facing the individual.

You may question whether what you are going through is workplace bullying, and a lot of this depends on if you actually are feeling bullied or harassed by a particular individual or a group of people.


There are many instances of bullying behaviour in the workplace, such as the following:

  • Being constantly criticised, having duties or responsibility taken away without good reason
  • Shouting, aggressive behaviour or threats
  • Being put down or made to feel like the butt of the jokes
  • Being persistently picked on in front of others or in private
  • Being constantly ignored or excluded regularly
  • Constantly mocking and attacking members of staff
  • Spreading malicious rumours about members of staff
  • Misuse of power or position to make someone feel uncomfortable
  • Making threats about job security without any basis or substance
  • Blocking promotion or progress within the workplace

These are just a few signs of bullying and there are many more and it is dependent on the organisation or the industry too. Unfortunately, bullying can take its toll on your health and well being. If you do feel that you are under duress, make an appointment with your GP so that you are able to get support.

It is important to keep a diary of all incidents with times, dates, witnesses and what happened. This will help you enormously, especially if you decide to take this further.

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