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Lasting and Enduring Power of Attorney Fees Have Been Reduced!

Posted on April 5th 2017

As of April 1st 2017, the Government has reduced the fee for applying to register Lasting and Enduring Powers of Attorney.

The fee has dropped from £110 to £82 – a reduction of £28. The fee for resubmitting a Lasting Power of Attorney for registration has also fallen from £55 to £41. This is the first change in these fees since October 2013, when they changed from £130 to £110.

Why have the fees changed?

The Government state that the reduction is possible due to the high number of Lasting Power of Attorney applications that the Office of the Public Guardian* has received in recent years. This has driven down the cost of providing the service, so fees have dropped too.

The Government website also emphasises the importance of creating a Lasting Power of Attorney. They state that by cutting the cost of doing so; “Ministers hope that […] even more people [will] take out LPAs, providing peace of mind for themselves and their families.”

*The Office of the Public Guardian protects people in England and Wales, who may not have the capacity to make certain decisions for themselves.

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney?

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a document that allows someone you trust to make decisions for you if you are no longer able to. These decisions may be in regards to your healthcare or finances.

The Government suggests that “LPAs aren’t just a way to plan for the future if you lose mental capacity through dementia. Other people create LPAs in case a severe accident, or illnesses such as a stroke, heart attack or cancer, leave them dependent on others to help with crucial decisions.”

A Lasting Power of Attorney can be vital in these circumstances. Without one, your family or friends may have to contend with the Court of Protection – who may or may not rule in their favour.

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