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De-linking Divorce From “Money” to be Rolled Out Nationally- What Does This Mean For Me?

Posted on July 17th 2017

Following a successful pilot study, divorce will now be de-linked from financial claims. What does this mean for divorcees?

The pilot study originally took place in 2015, across 11 specialist divorce centres. The aim of the study was to streamline the process of divorce and finances. It was hoped that this would reduce the delays experienced by court users. Previously, files would take two weeks to transfer between courts.

Following the pilot’s success, as of 19th June, this “more streamlined process” has now been rolled out across all courts in England and Wales.

So, what do these changes mean for those looking to divorce?

What was the situation previously?

Previously, divorce cases were issued in one specialist centre for divorce. If financial applications were subsequently issued then the case, including the divorce, was moved to the local court to be dealt with. This delayed the divorce proceedings.

However, the de-linking of the financial proceedings from the divorce means that the divorce proceedings will now remain in the specialist centre, regardless of any financial applications. Only contested financial proceedings will move to separate local hearing centres. Consequently, staff and judiciary at the local hearing centres can work independently on contested financial proceedings. If financial matters can be dealt with by consent, then they will remain at the specialist centre for divorce.

What are the implications for me?

For those of you involved in these proceedings, this simply means your divorce will continue to be dealt with administratively at the specialist centre. Only your finances will move to a local court if they are contested. It should improve the speed upon which your divorce can be dealt with.

Surely, this has to be considered as a positive move for everyone involved.

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